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Kutuzov looked at him with eyes wide open with dismay and then took off his cap and crossed himself: View in context. Paralysed, stiffened with anguish, my hair standing on end, with eyes wide open , panting, without breath, and without voice, I too was watching View in context. We're coming here with eyes wide open and keep an open mind on who's available and we'll see. PBA teams looking at 'best available talent' in Rookie draft.

Anderson that these emotions trigger facial expressions that are very far apart structurally, one with eyes wide open and the other with eyes pinched, asserting that the reason for that is to allow the eye to harness the properties of light that are most useful in these situations. Why our eyes become wide with fear. Abuse crisis is actually a hierarchy crisis" NCR, April 30 and other columns demonstrate that Catholics are seeing today's church with eyes wide open. Church worship. All three agencies made their assessments with eyes wide open , noting the significant economic challenges that Worcester faces.

Three for three; Worcester maintains bond ratings. Artist Beena Samuel's Dreaming With Eyes Wide Open exhibition of watercolours, silk paintings and mixed media which opened on October 15 has evoked an enthusiastic response from Dubai art lovers. Exhibition: Brush With An Artist. Ms Kelly's suggestion regarding right-to-buy leaseholding should be entered into with eyes wide open , ask existing leaseholding friends and neighbours.

Viewpoints Warning over right-to-buy. We can even be experts in the field ourselves, still we switch off..

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The author points out these are times of great uncertainty for some, for me certainly yes and that's probably why I am clutching at straws and reading books of the kind. Still, I loved the book. Seems to be giving me more strength not to over think in isolation. There are e So was my brain switched off while reading an expert book on decision making? There are examples of research showing how crucial decisions of judges,or patients decisions over their health etc. There are great examples of why and how to try and listen to lay experts and to avoid the state of less functioning brain in the presence of experts.

I also love Hertz's confidence in our emotions and how they work for us as long as we do pay attention. Sep 13, Jackie rated it liked it Shelves: first-reads. This book looks into the rationale on how we make our decisions on what we buy, eat, and even the doctors we trust to do our surgery. There are some ideas in the book on how to make better choices and be your own advocate in your life.

Nov 02, Pamela rated it really liked it. Very good. Lots of memorable tidbits; for example Oct 18, Steve rated it really liked it. This is a great exercise in critical thinking and a good insight for anyone who doesn't really understand statistics and the way they are manipulated to create a more powerful story than they often deserve.

The motivation behind scientific reporting is also covered well here and Noreena's style encourages almost a sense of outrage at the clumsy or deliberate attempt by media and others to misreport risk and danger. It gives credence to the misquote of A.

E Housman that "people use statistics as a This is a great exercise in critical thinking and a good insight for anyone who doesn't really understand statistics and the way they are manipulated to create a more powerful story than they often deserve. E Housman that "people use statistics as a drunk uses a lamppost, more for support than illumination".

Definitely worth a read! Dec 18, Eric rated it really liked it Shelves: , first-reads-giveaways.

I received this book as part of the first reads program. I really enjoyed this book, and found it comparable to many books written by Malcolm Gladwell. Many of the authors' points are well reinforced by research findings; they are both informative and educational. Each chapter offers examples of downfalls that many of us practice when thinking and making decisions, as well as ways to overcome these downfalls. At the conclusion of each chapter, there are walkways and action steps to put into play I received this book as part of the first reads program.

At the conclusion of each chapter, there are walkways and action steps to put into play. Anyone wanting to look at different views of decision making should read this book. A book about being smart in real life as it is today. Take nothing at face value, look out for the right informations, have a good night sleep, take your time to think and dont take important decisions on empty stomach.

Empower yourself. These are the ideas this book will give you as well as many others. Not hard to read and it will tell you something. Reading this book is not a waste of time. Mar 04, Martin rated it liked it. A quickly-read collection of examples of how to be observant on available information and listening carefully before making decisions or form your opinions.

Most of the stuff was very familiar, and I wouldn't have rated it even three stars. However, the chapters on online data and trends as well as the risks of sameness and conformity were really good and enough to lift the book into the three-star category.

This book provides an overview of how and why people make decision and gives guidance on how to improve your decision making process. I found this book very interesting in places and thought some of the examples were good. Dec 17, Art marked it as to-read. Oct 06, Nura Yusof rated it it was amazing. Great guidebook. Don't accept every info. Question everything. Avoid confirmation bias. Contextualize everything. Examine your emotions. A self-help book without the mumbo jumbo. Packed with research and data.

A very useful read. Dec 28, Alexei Zheglov rated it liked it. The 2nd chapter of this book is "Seeing the Tiger and the Snake. Where's the snake?


Aug 21, Melissa rated it really liked it. She lost me a bit in the middle but the last two sections really hit home. She posed good reflective questions for both work and life. Jan 06, Vasilena rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fic.

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Mostly useful for C-level executives and team managers but it could also provides some general insights, especially in regards of diversity in decision making and team decision making. Nov 25, Totochelamouche rated it liked it.

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Jan 02, Nina rated it liked it Shelves: business. Interesting and informative, but not effective in proposing solutions to making good decisions under time constraints and the reality that you don't have all the facts. Oct 20, Dorrit rated it liked it Shelves: kindle , non-fiction. Some interesting things, but too self-helpy for my taste. Mar 08, Michael Mahaffey rated it liked it. Some of this is just common sense, while other tips did get me to stretch my mind a bit. Fair but not mind-boggling.

Jan 18, Bella added it Shelves: non-fiction , audio. I could not finish this book. View 1 comment.

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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. Self Help. Social Science. About Noreena Hertz. Noreena Hertz. Hertz, and was born and brought up in London, England.

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