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  1. Nitric oxide in the eye: multifaceted roles and diverse outcomes.
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  3. How Nitric Oxide Works in the Body
  4. Online Topics: Nitric Oxide in Glaucoma

In a rat optic nerve crush model, 0. In vitro studies in cultured retinal neuronal cells have demonstrated that NO can have either neuroprotective or neurodegenerative properties depending on the dose.

Nitric oxide in the eye: multifaceted roles and diverse outcomes.

Nipradilol was neuroprotective against oxidative stress-induced cell death in RGCs and mediated S-nitrosylation of Kelch-like ECH-associated protein Keap1 , which regulates the transcriptional activation of the antioxidant protein heme oxygenase In the case of topical NO therapy, data is lacking; however, studies using nipradilol demonstrate that this particular NO donor reaches the retina at levels that can mediate neuroprotective effects. The retinal, ONH, and choroidal endothelium play a key role in maintaining the homeostasis of vascular tone and regulation of blood flow by releasing vasoactive mediators including NO.

This is in accordance with the hypothesis of local alteration of the NO signaling pathway at the level of the ocular vasculature in glaucoma. In glaucoma patients, while iNOS and nNOS upregulation in the ONH may contribute to the oxidative stress resulting from repeated ischemia-reperfusion injury, elevated eNOS in vascular endothelia may be neuroprotective through causing vasodilation and increased ONH blood flow. A number of studies support the vasodilatory role of NO on ocular blood vessels. For example, in isolated bovine retinal and ciliary arteries SNP elicits relaxation.

Similarly, a clinical study demonstrated that intravenously administered nitroglycerin, ISDN, and SNP decreased vascular resistance but did not affect ocular hemodynamics, thought to be due to a reduction in blood pressure. Overall, the literature on NO and ocular blood flow suggest that NO plays a major role in controlling basal ocular vascular tone and that exogenous NO delivery can modulate ocular blood flow, with effects dependent on numerous factors including the specific NO donor used, its route of administration and the ocular vascular region studied.

Other mechanisms such as reduction in AHF and modulation of uveoscleral outflow may also play a role. Nitric oxide could also exert additional positive effects on cell health and survival in ocular tissues. Physiologic low concentrations of NO provide cell sparing activities because of its antiinflammatory and antiapoptotic properties. An important consideration for exogenous NO delivery as a glaucoma therapy appears to be dosing.

As is the case for many drugs or biological effectors, the biphasic nature of NO releasing agents in numerous cellular responses is well known. Despite the availability of various treatments to reduce elevated IOP, the most commonly prescribed glaucoma drugs do not target the compromised function of the trabecular outflow pathway. Therapeutic use of NO has the potential to benefit glaucoma patients by reducing IOP via targeting the diseased conventional outflow pathway. The information presented on latanoprostene bunod concerns a use that has not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

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Disclosure: M. Impagnatiello , Nicox E ; E. Ongini , Nicox E ; E. Bastia , Nicox E. The obligatory role of endothelial cells in the relaxation of arterial smooth muscle by acetylcholine.

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What is Nitric Oxide (NO) and how it works in your body

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How Nitric Oxide Works in the Body

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Online Topics: Nitric Oxide in Glaucoma

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